The Stolen Generation took place in Australia, between the 1860’s and the  1970’s, and aimed at removing the aboriginal children from their homes. During more  than a century, these kids were taken from the place where they lived by white  policemen, and were forcibly assimilated to the white society. But why and how did all  of this happen ? 

The flag of the Aboriginal Community in Australia Source : 

As an example of this event, I met an Australian woman : Florence Onus. She comes from an Australian Aboriginal nation, and her family has been the victim of the policies of protection and assimilation for four generations.

Her great-grandparents were the first to be part of the Stolen Generation, and then she experienced it too. “When I was a little girl, my eldest sisters were sent to  the catholic nuns, and my siblings and I were removed from our mother, and sent to a  foster home”, Florence Onus said.  

Because of this horrific and traumatizing story of loss, she started a healing  journey 25 years ago to try to move forward. She now promotes it, and helps people  who have big traumas like her. “A lot of people asked me what I was healing from”,  she told me, “but I don’t know myself ! It’s really hard to explain, and I think that these  people cannot understand”. 

Through Florence Onus’ story, we can guess that the Stolen Generation has  left a lot of people with a big trauma. As a matter of fact, a lot of Aboriginal turned to  alcoholism, drugs or committed suicide because of loss, oblivion and pain. But like  Florence Onus said, “this story can’t be hidden now, and she will be told through  education”. 

Artistic work of Reko Rennie, an indigenous artist, to remember the Stolen Generation against the Australian Aborigenal –Opera  House, Sydney– Source :